Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on cost per day currently!

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Hi all. Looking at visiting as a solo backpacking next year. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on cost per day currently, I know everything in aus has gone up in price substantially in the last two years.

Loose plan. One week in each country
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Czech
  • Poland
Of course I understand the more cities the higher the cost for travel ect but just the basics.
Trying to decide if I’m better off price wise to do a tour (although a prefer to travel alone)


Post by Lauren »

It really depends how you travel. We’re at around $85 a day including hostels, food and drinks, attractions, and all travel. We don’t stay at hostels under 8 stars because we want to be comfortable. Most cities a basic hostel costs around 20 a night minimum,usually closer to 30, in cities like florence and rome the hostels were $60 minimum even booking in advance. Most museums we’ve encountered are around 10-20 euro entrance fee. We also want to be able to eat out sometimes and try local food and get some souvenirs.we probably could be more thrifty but we definitely cook and walk a lot. I would not be enjoying myself on probably less than $60 a day (again hostels and transportation included) because I’d be so stressed and not be able to fully immerse myself in the city. But everyone has different priorities.

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I wouldn't do a tour as typically they're more expensive. Lots of cities have free walking tours and you give what you think at the end. You could push to more than 1 week per country and do a workaway, that would really help accommodation costs. Hostel price per night is just so variable it depends which city you're going to.. like southern Italy is much cheaper than the North

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Last year I spent 9 weeks in Spain and 4 weeks in Portugal. It’s less expensive than the other countries but I feel like the price has gone up significantly since I have been there. Start looking online at train tickets and hostels and you can get a feel of the price. Bla bla car is a great money saver

Post by Elena »

Hard to say as it definitely also depends on the season.

I started in August in Barcelona where cheapest hostels were between 40-50€/night. October in south of France and now in Italy (currently in Florence) the prices are around 20€-25€ per night.

I travel by busses or trains from city to city and with omio you can always find the cheapest option. The question is if you have time for this, only having one week per country probably flying is a better option for you, everything depending on your route.

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Also with hostels book direct (and not through Hostelworld) as then breakfast is usually free. In Paris check the dates as if you are under 25 some museums are free and the Louvre and others are free on the first weekend of the month(or the end) I cannot remember which

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Poland, Czech Republic and Greece are insanely cheap. Don't sign up for tour groups as they'll take you solely into capital cities and push you to buy rubbish. When in France, Spain and Portugal travel by coach as the trains are expensive.

1) Cost up hostels and hotels, when you are absolute on the dates book and pay straight away. Trust me it's a huge benefit.

2) If you limit your daily budget to €30, that covers food, drinks, metro fares and you can buy souvenirs but I recommend limiting to post cards, makes a good decoration at home. Anything money left over can be carried on to the next day. But always have at least €1000 in the bank in case of emergency or if you want to add on extra days.

3) Cook in hostels, you can enjoy local produce. Plus you'll actually enjoy cooking alongside other travellers

4) Interrail is expensive, very! I travelled around Europe in the Summer for two months and used flixbus and local trains. Travel was £280! Interrail passes are almost triple that. Some journeys are long but use long days as a chance to rest or catch up with reading etc... But take trains in the East. I took a 4 hour train in Poland and it set me back €12

Find hostels that have a kitchen, usually it tells you on their description if they do. Cook your own food, have a daily budget of at least €30. If you keep to a budget every now and then treat yourself. Like when I was travelling for two months I maintained a budget but one day a week I would eat out for example. Avoid tourist attractions, meaning don't waste your time visiting expensive and packed museums. Get involved in hostel activities as they are usually free or cheap.

Lastly go to places off the beaten track, easily reached by local train services or cycling

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If saving money is your thing winter is for sure the best time to go, hostels in Spain can easily be 1/2 the cost, if not cheaper, in winter
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