What is the way out to recover threatened items and avoid such in future?

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My Laptop just crashed. One of the hazards of electronic writing. Folks, what is the way out to recover threatened items and avoid such in future?

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I back everything up on external HDDs. And then I make backups of the backups. I backup my writing folder on my laptop and thumb drives too. I can find my files all over the place.

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You can have the drive removed and recover the data within. Going forward though first rule of computing is backup backup backup.

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Working off cloud storage is the simplest way of avoiding losing work in the case of hardware failure. There are a few good options depending on how you want to set up. I use one drive with word as part of MS office 365. There is Google drive, which can be used with Google docs and to a lesser extent other programs on a PC . Then there is Dropbox Erich can be used with multiple programs and apps as well. I'm sure there are plenty of others as well. I also do a back up at certain stages on a portable SSD hard drive.

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After I save my work, I email it to myself and then save a copy in Google docs.

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My first draft, plots, etc. goes through pen and paper in case everything will be lost, broken or stole your computer. I don't know if can still rely on USB drives but years ago,two of my portable drives got lost while commuting. Months work simply vanished without a trace. Oh well..

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Sign up for cloud backup. I use Carbonite but there are also others. It's cheap insurance. Every document and photo you create or edit is automatically and immediately backed up. You don't have to remember to do it. Then when your PC crashes, you can retrieve your lost data from any other computer. It has saved my bacon more than once.
Abu Humaidah

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Go ro IT gurus and tell them what happen and that you want to recover your lost documents. They will assist you by using recovery tools.

And to avoid it in the future, use cloud drives ranging from open source to paid drive services. Lastly, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket!

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Sign up to google drive (or one drive if you are using MS Word) and save your important documents there. I also back up my PC files once a week on an external hard drive, after having a crash and losing 10 months of photos

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  • Save on hard drive.
  • Save on flash.
  • Save in the cloud.
  • Email to your spouse.
  • Back up the backups.

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it's good to learn how to use and save in a USB thumb drive and/ or copy all and then send it to your own active email address never throw away your laptop bring to computer shop get the data recovered I did it way before in my work before my stroke Norton disk doctor can do the job

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