Has anyone been to Guatemala recently?

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The luggage restrictions to Tikal are crazy-- Carry on luggage at 9 pounds. I was wondering if anyone has done this flight and if you can let me know if your carry on bag was weighed...

My hand luggage is at 14 pounds currently.


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Some airlines do that. For my flight to Poland, it's around the same. I had to buy new luggage that is light enough! But oddly the size dimensions were nothing unusual. Hopefully someone in here has been recently. Are the size dimensions smaller too?

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Can you wear any of your photo gear? When I check-in at the desk with airlines that weigh hand luggage I always wear a Scottevest with all my heavy stuff (iPad, chargers, etc.) packed inside the pockets. Then, before boarding I move it all back into my bag. Also, if you are allowed a personal item (briefcase, handbag, etc.) then many airlines will weigh the carry-on suitcase but not the personal item. So, you can put a disproportionate amount of heavy items in the personal item.

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Which airline?? Are you sure it’s not 9kg? That’s 19.8 pounds, which would be good news

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I flew to Tikal with TAG in the spring and they didn't weigh my bags. My backpack wasn't particularly large and fit fine in the bin, though it probably was over 10 pounds.

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Get a vest from ScottEVest for your heavy stuff and then put it in your bag once on board.

I took a flight today with at least 10lbs of stuff in my vest…

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I went in Nov 2021 and flew Spirit. I didn't go to Tikal (Atitlan and Antigua) and only had a carry on and a backpack that I take everywhere. No real issues on weight or size!
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