I'm trying to find out who is doing SEO for a certain website. Any tips?

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Cant see to find out..

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Search for that company in LinkedIn, then a list of its staff, assuming their SEO is in-house. If the SEO is external, it's unlikely you will find the company featured as a client on some agency site.

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You might contact the website, compliment them on their SEO, say your website is in a different niche and you would really appreciate a referral to whoever did their SEO.

If it's in-house, they might get back to you and earn some client money.

If it's an agency that did the work, the website may be also sharing and letting the SEO agency know about the referral to get some points, maybe a discount on any future work.

Or, they wouldn't bother to share at all, but at least you tried.

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I don't think there is a way to see that unless you have access to their GSC or any other property and you can see any other email added to it. If you find a way, that will be something new for me.
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