Any advice to generate leads with Real Estate!

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Please, I am struggling...

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You need a lot of money for a successful SEO campaign like that, sorry.

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There is a lot. Are you a realtor, or are you working for somebody? Please feel free to chat here or friend me so we can PM on this. Either or. I would like to know more about your situation. Then I can refer you to Legit peeps too, if you are a realtor. I am very confident I can point you to where you need to go. The buyer's side is a walk down the park. The seller side is a long-term battle. I can point you in the right direction for both.

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I have been able to do it, in the country am in. I don't know about country you are targeting to sale the Properties.

But mind you it takes a lot of work, also it will take 3 to 13 months depending on some content and keywords.
I will advise you to start writing in-depth contents base on "cost of properties in that county."

After that, you write educating content with keywords about real estate investment in that area.

Generally, focus on writing content that will educate the targeted buyer with important keywords as H2, and H3.

Then drop the link of your property URL at some space of paragraph. Also encourage the reader to click on it.

Also go to YouTube and get idea of what content your target audience are likely to be looking for.

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I’ve had success getting traffic to real estate sites with articles like best beaches in “the area” or just writing about the area, landmarks etc. then over time traffic becomes conversions

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are there in a certain market? I can look at my contact list of large players and you might get lucky.

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We have some clients in that market. Use all channels possible. Content needs to be non green. Like stats for this week. And mailing list for hot properties. And a lot of guest posting on news sites

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Here is the thing it's 2023, the business is ecommerce now and realtor s are not really needed. People use platforms to search out product to buy on their phones. Even the seller can do it on their own successfully via FSBO platforms thus given the buyer agent commision. You might want to search-out something there to try to sell. It is a relationship based business so either print-out a nice pitch deck greeting cards and direct mail to good postal codes through the post or start networking. If you are selling Facebook lead-ads work great if you learn how to function the targetting correctly
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